RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor OEM Repair Procedures & Dimensions - Instant repair know-how:
data that improves technician proficiency

Mitchell RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor Core module instantly delivers the data your technicians need to safely restore today’s vehicles to pre-accident condition:
  • Find the latest repair techniques and procedures from all manufacturers
  • Link estimate repair lines directly to OEM procedures with OEM Advisor
  • Ensure repairs are done correctly the first time
  • Enable faster insurance approval
  • Document every repair step for better consumer confidence

Collision Repair Shop Solutions
Innovative estimating and management software solutions for auto body repair shops of every size

Mitchell Estimating - Advanced estimating system for accurate and verifiable collision repair

Now all of your estimators—even those with little to no experience—can write comprehensive, accurate estimates quickly and professionally. Make the first critical step of the repair process seamless and efficient with Mitchell Estimating, also known as UltraMate. Make the first critical step of the repair process seamless and efficient by combining industry-leading database accuracy with leading-edge Mitchell RepairCenter™ shop management technology.

Mitchell Estimating, formerly known as Ultramate, can help you:
  • Create estimates that are accurate, verifiable, and readily accepted
    throughout the industry.
  • Easily connect and communicate with partners and customers.
  • Avoid costly errors with features such as parts look-up, parts graphics
    print-outs and itemized totals.

  • Make your estimating system work the way you do with flexible and
    customizable workflows.

What other shops are saying about Mitchell's Software Solutions

"Because of RepairCenter, we have greatly increased our productivity and profit. I would not want to be running this shop without it.” – Bill Williams, Fix Auto Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

"I'm a big fan of this product. In fact, I use all Mitchell's products. When it comes to writing the best estimate possible, Mitchell Estimating is hands down my favorite. Clear, easy to read repair lines. Great P-pages. The automated calculations, auto-includes and auto-prompts really help. And whenever a repair question comes up, Mitchell's editorial support is a quick phone call away."    —Erv Guyett Collision Concepts Lincoln, IL

Run your business more efficiently with Mitchell’s leading-edge shop estimating, management and workflow solutions. Our goal is to empower you with the essential tools and information you need to manage your shop leaner—driving down costs, reducing cycle times, and producing even more satisfied customers.

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Our auto body repair software helps you with:
Estimating ― Create estimates that are accurate and verifiable with database accuracy
Shop Management — Simplify your operations with tools that meets your unique business needs
OEM Repair Procedures & Frame Dimensions ― Quickly locate OEM repair procedures to restore today’s complex vehicles to pre-accident condition
Customer Engagement Tools — Get a clear picture of your customers' experience to proactively resolve issues
ToolStore ― Skip the hassle of re-keying information and managing multiple accounts, minimizing errors and bring your most important partners, BASF, LKQ, Hertz, and more, into your workflow
Photo Management ― Link repair order photos with estimates for fast, accurate repairs
RepairCenter™ Shop Management Software - The tool that helps you gain control over all
aspects of your body shop business

Built with your business goals in mind, Mitchell RepairCenter™ brings together tools that help you generate more profit by better managing your repairs, your customer satisfaction, and your business. No matter the size of your facility, RepairCenter helps accelerate your profitability and simplify your operations.

RepairCenter is a personal management system you customize to meet
your shop’s needs:

  • Gain real-time insight into your cycle time, & labor to make informed
    business decisions
  • Quickly locate OEM repair procedures to restore today’s complex vehicles
    to pre-accident condition
  • Increase customer satisfaction & loyalty with tools to improve your
    shop’s online reputation
  • Maintain productive & motivated employees by accurately booking &
    paying labor
  • Save on both time & up-front implementation costs with free online training
RepairCenter™ ToolStore Add-ons - Increase efficiency and reduce errors

RepairCenter™ ToolStore add-ons bring the auto collision industry’s most important partners into your repair shop. You get easy access to third-party vendors and services like Enterprise, Sherwin-Williams and LKQ without ever leaving RepairCenter. It’s a powerful capability that:
  • Enables a seamless flow of information
  • Saves you the hassle of managing multiple accounts
  • Eliminates the need to manually rekey information
  • Minimizes errors
  • Streamlines your repair processes
RepairCenter™ Customer Engagement Tools - Powerful tools to keep you connected to
your customers

We know how important your customers are to you. You work hard to turn a stressful and frustrating event into a great collision repair experience. Mitchell RepairCenter™ Customer Engagement Tools deliver fast, accurate and impartial customer satisfaction results. Quickly use customer satisfaction indexing (CSI) data to proactively solve problems, capitalize on strengths and demonstrate a commitment to customer service excellence.

RepairCenter's Customer Engagement Tools will help you:
  • Improve customer communications
  • Increase customer loyalty and profitability
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Enhance business relationships
RepairCenter FastPhoto™ Manager - Get attached to saving time and money on repair orders

Mitchell RepairCenter™ FastPhoto Manager links repair order photos
with estimates for fast, accurate repairs:
  • Get quick confirmation and documentation throughout the
    repair process
  • Include supplements, pre-existing and misplaced items and all
    damage information with documentation
  • Track it all with barcode technology